Update: Molina Employee Loses 100 Pounds, No Longer Diabetic

April 17, 2013 / Laura Hart


Readers of Molina Hearts Health may remember a while back when we highlighted a Molina Healthcare employee who had success losing weight. I’m excited to share the news that Alicia has reached her goal of losing more than 100 pounds! She looks amazing and more importantly, she is no longer diabetic and she has reduced her cholesterol levels from high to a healthy rate.

“Weight loss has given me new enthusiasm for life,” said Alicia. “I’m able to do things I wasn’t able to before and I’m eager and excited to try new things.” Alicia participated in the Weight Watchers program, attending meetings regularly for support and tips for how to stay on track to her goals.

Congratulations, Alicia! Your Molina Healthcare family is very proud of you and we hope your success will encourage others to get healthier.