Doctor and nurse next to Molina Healthcare van

What’s covered

Non-emergency medical transportation

If your child must travel 30 miles or more from your home to receive covered health care services, Molina Healthcare can provide transportation to and from your health care appointments. When you do not have other transportation available, Molina Healthcare can provide transportation to health care appointments that are less than 30 miles from your home as an additional benefit.

  • Molina Healthcare provides 15 round-trip visits (30 one-way trips) for each member per calendar year to any Molina Healthcare provider.
  • Medical appointments include trips to a doctor, provider, clinic, hospital, therapy or behavioral health appointment.

Trip to pharmacy

Immediately following a medical appointment, Molina Healthcare will cover trips to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

  • Let your transportation driver know that you will need to stop at the pharmacy on your return trip.
  • While you are at the health care provider’s office, ask them to call your child’s prescription in to the pharmacy so it is ready when you get there.

Emergency medical transportation

Emergency transportation (ambulance), or ambulance transport services, provided through the "911" emergency response system, will be covered when medically necessary. Emergency services are services for a medical problem that is so serious it must be treated right away by a provider.

Non-emergency non-medical transportation

This benefit is limited and members cannot use our transportation as a taxi service. These trips are limited to provide transportation to and from any WIC or County Department of Job & Family Services (CDJFS) re-determination appointment, as an additional service.

How can I cancel a scheduled ride?

If you need to cancel a ride you have scheduled, please call (866) 642-9279 to let us know 24 hours before your appointment. If you do not call to cancel 24 hours ahead of time, the ride may count as one of your 30 trips for the year.

Member Handbook

It tells you what you need to know about your child’s Molina Healthcare of Ohio Health Plan. Read more.

How do members get care?

Transportation specialists are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To arrange transportation, or if you have questions, please call (866) 642-9279. For TTY for the hearing impaired, call (800) 750-0750 or 7-1-1 for assistance. Please call no later than 2 business days in advance of your appointment.

In addition to the transportation assistance that Molina Healthcare provides, members can still get help with transportation for certain services through the local County Department of Job and Family Services Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) program. Call your County Department of Job and Family Services for questions or assistance with NET services.

If you have a complaint about transportation services you have received, call Member Services.