Say NO to Stress!

August 21, 2013 / Kristy Huffman,RN

Say NO to Stress!

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Do you feel stressed? Research has shown that stress contributes to half of all illness in the United States.  Between 70 and 80 percent of all doctor’s visits are stress related. Believe it or not, some stress is normal and good for the body - it allows us to work harder and react quicker. However, when stress occurs too often or continues for longer periods of time, it can be damaging to the body. Stress can lead to an array of health related problems such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, heart disease, digestive issues and the list goes on and on. So then how do we get rid of stress? The key is decreasing and controlling stress and improving coping strategies. Here are some ways to start:


  1. Eat a healthy and well balanced diet. The foods you eat play a significant role in how you feel and the right foods give you lasting energy throughout the day.
  2. Take supportive vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B complex. These vitamins help boost your immune system and keep your skin, nervous and digestive system healthy among many other functions.
  3. Decrease your intake of caffeine and sugar, and STOP smoking. Minimizing these substances assist in proper adrenal gland functioning. Our adrenal glands secrete specific hormones that are important to keeping our body in a homeostatic and balanced state.
  4. Exercise daily! Walking is an easy choice and a great low impact exercise.
  5. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises. Before that dreaded meeting, try closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.
  6. Get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Sufficient sleep is a crucial factor in health promotion and chronic disease prevention.
  7. Laugh more!
Stress is sometimes an unavoidable reality, but we can make the decision to live healthy lives and adopt the right attitude and say NO to stress.  Remind yourself to take one day at a time and that tomorrow is another day full of endless possibilities. For more information about stress management, visit

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