Back to School Safety

August 24, 2015 / Leah Boles

Back to School Safety

It’s that time again; August is “Back to School” month! Here are some helpful tips to make sure your child has a safe and healthy start to the school year.

If your child has any severe allergies and/or asthma make sure you and your child have gone over an action plan while they’re at school. An action plan can include discussing your child’s allergies and asthma and what triggers at school could cause an attack with your child’s teacher, principal and school nurse.

According to the ACAAI (American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology):

All 50 states have laws that protect students' rights to carry and use medicines for asthma and severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) at school. Children at risk should carry epinephrine auto-injectors and have them available for immediate use.

Some other great safety tips to keep in mind during the back to school season are:

  • Make sure your child is up-to-date on all of their immunizations

  • Make sure your child’s backpack is not overstuffed. A backpack should not weigh more than 10-20 percent of your child’s body weight.

  • Teach your child some road safety tips including what some traffic signs mean and to use the sidewalk while staying three feet from the road.

  • If your child bikes to school; make sure they are wearing proper safety gear such as a helmet and reflectors.

To make this a great school year for your child, take the time to discuss these tips on how they can stay safe inside and outside of the classroom.


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