Your Well Care Visit

April 03, 2017 / Meridith Jones

Your Well Care Visit

One of the best ways to take advantage of your health plan is by going to yearly well care check ups. These visits give you an opportunity to touch base with your primary care provider and make sure you’re healthy. Well care visits also increase the chance of finding any health problems early, making it easier to treat them and prevent them from getting serious.

At your check up, your provider will do a physical exam and measure your height and weight. Depending on your age, gender and health, you may also receive certain screenings or immunizations (for details, review the checkup schedules).

If your provider thinks it will benefit you, they may also suggest programs to help you stop smoking, manage your weight or control health conditions like asthma or diabetes. Members who need extra help with complicated medical issues may also qualify for care coordination services. Your provider can give you a referral.

To make the most of your well care check up, arrive prepared. Bring a list of your health questions as well as any current medications. Your medical history can also help your provider know if you’re at risk for any health problems. You might want to take notes, too, so you’re clear on any recommendations from your provider.